Pharmacy Technician Certification An Easy And Better Job Opportunity

Pharmacy Technicians are these individuals, who assist licensed Pharmacists to manage and run a pharmacy. Their basic job duties include, safe and effective serving of the customers, provide medications to customers and patients, inform them about various effects and side effects of the drugs, handle cash counter, label the drug bottles and perform numerous other regular pharmacy works.

But, are you aware of the procedure that has to be followed for availing such career opportunity? The right thing for you to grab this employment is to apply for the job. But, do you know the proper procedure for the job application? If you are not well versed with the job application process then, the following details will guide you in your new employment venture.

Certification Council and Pharmacy Technician Resource Panel prepare the PTCB Certification test materials. The panel consists of PES testing experts, CPhTs, pharmacists, pharmacy technician educators from various community and hospital pharmacy practice settings, institutions, specialties and locations. The complete examination framework also reflects the actual job conditions and performances, duties and responsibilities of a drug store technician, which he/she performs for carrying out various pharmacies related functions.

Certification Examination has below given features:

* Test consists of total 140 multiple choice questions, out of which 125 questions are multi-choice scoring and 15 questions are non-scoring.
* Non scoring questions do not score but assist in future examination and quality testing.
* The student needs to answer all questions for better scoring.
* 4 questions options are offered for answering, where one answer is correct.
* The final score is calculated on the basis of the total questions answered.
* The duration of the test is 3 hours.

Therefore, well articulated resume, with specific information about you, your qualification, skill and experience can get you short listed for the job and help you getting interview call.

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